Is my camper a good fit on Vancation?

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To ensure the experience is memorable and meets all brand expectations for potential renters, we ask owners to review these guidelines before listing their vehicle.

  1. No classic RVs (Class A, C, Trailers, or Pop-up) with some exceptions, such as an RV rental with a unique interior or as part of a larger fleet. We do have insurance protection for these RVs but at this time we are focusing on Class B campervans & other unique RV types.
  2. The camper must seat (with a seatbelt) and sleep at least one person to be eligible to list.
  3. All campervans & RVs on the Vancation platform are "road ready" - this means that the camper is safe to drive with inspections completed. 
  4. Since you are providing more than just a vehicle, all campers are expected to provide bare minimum essentials for a rental (i.e. - blanket, water, etc.); the best performing campers will provide pots, pans, coffee, camping chairs and more. 

Vancation aims to provide a unique & memorable camping experience for all renters. Campervans are a priority camper type, but Skoolies, Ambulance conversions, truck campers, vehicle camping & more are a huge part of the Vancation project.


 Still not sure?

If you feel your RV provides a unique experience for renters, but aren't sure which vehicle type it belongs in, please reach out to us. We can evaluate your vehicle type to see if it fits into one of the vehicle categories.

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