What kind of renters does Vancation attract?

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All renters on the platform adhere to the most strict guidelines in the industry.

  • Full deductible pre-authorized
  • Driver License Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records check
  • Custom renter prescreening questions

We have the most strict guidelines for getting approved as a renter in the industry because we put owner camper safety first.

Campervan & unique RV rentals have become extremely popular after the pandemic hit. We've noticed a trend for unique travel in a growing portion of the RV rental market, unique RVs like campervans are attractive to many types of travelers. You’ll find retired couples, solo travelers, young millennials, international travelers and even young families with kids. 

Renting your vehicle not only earns extra income, but you get to share your passion for the outdoors and van life. Communication is key! Ask the renter about their plans and experience, if you feel they are not a good fit for your vehicle, respectfully decline.

 Did you know?

Vancation has a cool feature where you can require custom questions for all renters to answer prior to booking.

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