How do I decide if I should accept a reservation request?

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Vancation's goal is to create a safe and secure platform for owners and renters.

We perform an automatic DMV background check, require ID verification & perform fraud detection on all renters to search for any red flags that might disqualify the renter. 

The Owner Dashboard also includes a field called ‘Renter Checkout Questions’ where you can ask required or optional questions about the renters plans so you can determine if they will be a good fit.

We encourage owners to go with their gut and use caution as you would on any other peer to peer marketplace. When in doubt we strongly recommend messaging with your potential renter to get more comfortable with them.

Are there penalties for rejecting bookings?

There aren't penalty for occasionally rejecting a booking. Repeatedly denying bookings (or not replying) will result in lower search placement and potentially removal from the platform.

Our goal is to get all owners comfortable renting out their camper so that they can trust the process and work via Instant Book. Instant Book will drive a much higher booking rate for your Listing(s).

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