What can I do to be a standout Owner?

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The best owners provide an overall good camping experience for their renters. These star hosts have standout listings, manage communication with renters professionally and go above & beyond with things like travel itineraries or camping recommendations.

Here are a few specific tips to make you standout from the pack as a Vancation host

  1. Responsiveness

    Who wants to wait these days? Ensuring you have a quick response time to reservation requests and questions will increase your rating. You can always choose to decline a reservation request without a penalty, just remember to provide this feedback quickly.  

  2. Communication is Key

    Communicating with the renters before, during ,and even after their booking will ensure they feel comfortable and safe. Make sure you are available for any questions that may arise, which will give you both piece of mind about the experience. 

  3. Accept Requests

    Making sure your calendar is up-to-date so you won’t have to decline any booking requests. It’s frustrating when renters select dates that look available but actually aren’t.

  4. Good Reviews

    By being responsive and helpful you’ll ensure a great experience which will almost always get great reviews. If the renter didn’t have a great time, communicate with them regarding their concerns to see if anything can be done or how you can improve for next time. You also have an opportunity to respond to your renters reviews. 

  5. Accurate Listing Description

    Making sure you attract the right renter is as easy as setting expectations in your description. Ensure your listing details are accurate with detailed description, photos that truly represent the vehicle and up to date amenities offered in your listing. 

  6. Respect All

    Remember the golden rule! Treat everyone and everything with respect and compassion. You'll be renting out your camper to qualified people who are just as passionate about the outdoors as you. Enjoy the journey.


 Did you know?

At Vancation we are proud partners of ‘Leave No Trace’ and ‘Protect Our Winters’ - let's preserve our planet for future generations.

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