What are the common renter questions at pick-up?

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The most common questions are related to using the campers systems.

Remember most renters aren't going to be familiar with your RV specifically, sometimes RV features in general. Questions such as, how does the vehicle electrical systems work, how do you use the hookups or generators, how do you use the water & so on are common.

Doing a thorough orientation of the vehicle to show them how to operate all the RV systems is a must.

  Pro Tip for Owners

Many pro owners create a doc to explain the systems for the renter to review before the rental departure. This doc reduces renter questions when they are on the road as well. You can upload this under "Additional Docs & Questions" in the Owner Dashboard.


Where can I camp & what is popular around here?

Often renters are looking for local recommendations for their trip, like must-see attractions or campgrounds. We recommend creating or buying a guidebook of the local area for your renters to use to improve their trip.

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