What is needed to complete the 90-day inspection of my vehicle?

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Every 90 days, a technical inspection must be performed for the safety of the renter and vehicle.

Owners have the choice of completing the inspection themselves, or having a professional mechanic complete the inspection report.

When a proper inspection, maintenance and repairs are performed, the rental experience will be more likely to go smoothly and will reduce the chances of issues on the road. Below are the items that must be inspected:


A brake inspection is required. If you are unsure on how to check your brakes, visit a professional mechanic who has the tools to perform a brake test. 


The #1 reason for vehicle accidents are tire issues. You'll want to inspect the tires for normal or irregular wear. Check the tread to ensure there is at least 50% of the original tread depth. Also, check the date on the side of the tire to determine the lifespan of the rubber. Tires are required to be 5 years old or newer. Finally, check tire pressure to ensure there are no leaks or issues. 


During the lifespan of the vehicle, regular maintenance is required. We recommend following the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and seek a licensed mechanics advice.

All lighting, appliances, awnings, slide-outs, and other accessories should be in working order before your camper is rented.

 Pro Tip for Owners

The best way to handle this is to have the dealership perform a general inspection every time you get an oil change. It usually doesn't add any cost, just ask for a copy of the report before leaving.

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