How is my review "percent recommended" calculated?

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After you receive 3 reviews you'll see a percent recommended next to your owner avatar. This will display on your Listing page, in message boards, in email and on your company profile page. 


The company profile page will display an aggregate from all of your listings reviews.


  Did you know?

These reviews are one of the leading indicators for driving more trust (and bookings) from potential renters. Our best hosts consistently have a 90% or better percent recommended rating.

Below are the percentage guidelines:

 Thumbs Up = 100% recommended

 Neutral = 50% recommended

 Thumbs Down = 0% recommended

How to improve your review percentage:

  • Listen to all feedback from reviews and private feedback, make improvements based on this information
  • Be quick to respond and available when renters reach out
  • Ensure your listing is accurate and that your vehicle is well-maintained
  • Be on time for renter pick-up

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