Tips for Responding to Reviews

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The review process is a great way to learn from a renter as well as build a positive relationship. We encourage responding to every review with care and respect.

Here are some guidelines to follow when responding to a review. 

  • A response to a positive review should remain simple and show that you care about the success of your rental. If you are simply thanking someone we recommend sending them a private message to do so.
  • A response to a negative review can be difficult. Take some time to think about what you want to say. Remember that we are all humans with feelings. Avoid becoming defensive as others will read your response. Acknowledge what you can and ideally respond agreeing to improve on your rental. 
  • Try to be open to the feedback and show empathy as this information can be an opportunity for you to improve for future experience. You may even be able to change the reviewer’s perspective, which would allow Vancation to remove a review. 
  • Keep the response simple and factual, trying to avoid emotion. A simple thank you for your feedback can go a long way.

  Did you know?

The first thing many renters will read is your response to a negative review. Handling this with professionalism actually builds more trust for you as a host.

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