How can I avoid rental incidents?

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Although rental incidents are not very common, they can happen. We’ve outlined the most common incidents and how to avoid them. 

Using the Wrong Fuel 

Pumping the wrong fuel type into your vehicle can be the most frustrating issue as it is expensive and can take the vehicle off the road until properly fixed. Here’s how to prevent this incident from occurring: 

  1. Educate your renters about the fuel type during the walkthrough
  2. Include fuel type in your renter guide or manual 
  3. Send a check-in communication after the first day and include a reminder
  4. If your vehicle uses diesel, remind them that fewer gas stations carry diesel so they may want to download an app to help them find stations along their route
  5. Add a sticker or mark on the fueling door as a reminder
  6. Purchase a green diesel locking cap 

Blind Spot Damage

Driver side blind spot incidents are the most common type of rental incidents. During the vehicle orientation, ensure the renter performs the following tasks when sitting in the driver seat: 

  1. Position seat comfortably  
  2. Perform mirror checks 

Tire Blowout 

This is one of the common and dangerous types of incidents for drivers. To prevent a blowout both the owner and renter can practice the following measures:

  1. Check tire tread 
  2. Check tire pressure  

Even with inspections and checks, a blowout can sometimes be unavoidable. With Coach-Net Roadside Assistance, your camper will be back on the road fast. 

Broken Awning 

Awnings can often break for many reasons and can potentially take your vehicle off the road when being repaired. To avoid awning damage, see these tips below:

  1. Give in depth instruction on proper awning use
  2. Include a video on how to utilize the awning
  3. Include alternative shade or canopies and prohibit use of the awning 

Rush to Return Rental

Oftentimes renters are running tight on time before returning your vehicle. In the rush there is potential for damage or accidents. These tasks can sometimes leave the renter with a negative experience at the end of their trip.

By creating add-ons for prepaid services, you can increase rental income and ensure the renter enjoys the last moments of their trip. Completing these services for renters at the end of the trip can alleviate their need to hurry, potentially avoid an accident. 

  1. Fuel fill-up
  2. Tank dump
  3. Toilet dump
  4. Propane fill-up

Did you know?

You can request an additional payment from your renter during their trip. If your renter is running behind you could offer to fill up their tank if they accept a payment request.

Clearance Accidents

Sometimes renters don’t think about the vehicle clearance when driving into a parking garage, drive-through, or low clearance bridges. Here’s how to prevent this type of accident: 

  1. Educate the renter about vehicle dimensions 
  2. Include vehicle dimensions in your guide or manual 
  3. Discuss trip planning apps with routes specifically for high clearance vehicles 
  4. Place stickers inside the vehicle with the clearance height 

Common Campervan & RV Mishaps

Certain RV features can cause damage if they are not secured or checked prior to departure. Including these features in your guide or manual can help remind your renter.

During the key exchange, make sure you point out the following features and potential for damage: 

  1. Stairs failed to retract into the RV
  2. Cabinets or doors are not secured doors and will open abruptly while driving 
  3. Awning not fully secured and retracted 
  4. Maxxair fan is left on when driving
  5. RV window not closed fully

Set the renters expectations for the amount of time needed during the key exchange.  

The more time spent creating tools such as manuals, guides, or videos and showing renters proper use during the key exchange will help to prevent damage incidents on the road. 

  Pro Tip for Owners:

You can add custom documents in your Owner Dashboard. These docs are automatically sent to all renters upon booking success. Walkthroughs, what's included, guides & tip articles are smart moves.


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