How does the security deductible work and what does it cover?

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Three days before the pick-up date, the security deposit is preauthorized on the renters credit card.

This will help to cover anything that could go wrong. The renters security deductible amount will depend on the insurance package the renter selects.

What does the security deductible cover?

The security deductible will cover a variety of "variable add-on" charges and most damage claims. Larger damage amounts will need to be escalated to an insurance claim.

Variable add-on fees are more common and include things like extra mileage, generate overages, excessive cleaning, excessively late drop-off, RV abandonment, etc. If the security deductible doesn’t cover the entirety of extra charges, Vancation will intervene and assist with a resolution.

When a vehicle is returned and you have determined that some of the deductible needs to be used for damages, you will submit the damages within the return agreement within 48 hours. It’s very important that these damages are submitted within 48 hours. After 48 hours the pre-authorization is released to the renters credit card.

Some items that you might use the security deductible for:

  • Fees agreed to on the Rental Agreement prior to the booking start time (mileage overage, fuel, etc.)
  • Interior damage above normal wear-and-tear, such as broken cabinets
  • Awning damage, if applicable 
  • Damage due to illegal activities of any kind
  • Items missing that were included at the beginning of the rental
  • Towing fees or repairs, that were not covered by roadside assistance and not due to lack of RV maintenance
  • Excessively late drop-off time
  • Excessive generator hours over the agreed-upon hourly usage


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