Is there a penalty if an Owner cancels a booking?

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The policies in place ensure a positive booking experience for the renter. The following policies apply to owners that want to cancel a reservation.

Cancellation Review

Cancellations within seven days of the pickup may receive an automated cancellation review. Owners have the opportunity to respond to that review to clarify the cancellation. If you feel the cancellation was agreed on by the Renter please contact Vancation support so we can review everything and possibly delete the review.

Guest Review

Cancellations within two days of the pickup date may allow for the renter to leave a public review. Owners will have an opportunity to respond to the review publicly to clarify their cancellation. This review will affect your overall rating. 


 What if an Owner Cancels?

While we understand there are rare exceptions (weather, illness, etc.), we strongly discourage owner cancellations. Repeat cancellations will result in termination from the platform entirely.

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