How can I ensure renters use the correct fuel for the vehicle?

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When a renter pumps the incorrect fuel type into the vehicle, it can be an expensive claim and can sideline your RV until the repairs are made. This issue is most common with diesel vehicles.

What do I do if gasoline is pumped into my diesel vehicle?

Gasoline will damage the diesel engine and will need to be flushed from the system. This can be a costly repair and the RV will be unavailable during the repair process.  Avoid driving the RV, if possible, if this happens.

  Did you know?

Situations like this are why we provide 24/7 Roadside Assistance via Coach-Net. We strongly recommend using this service if your renter pumps the wrong fuel.

How can I educate my renters?

  • Communicating and educating renters during the RV orientation and including the fuel type in your camper guide will definitely help.
  • Check in with the renter after the first day and use this opportunity to remind them about using diesel fuel.
  • Vancation also offers diesel stickers which are available upon request.
  • Smart owners also mark the inside of the gas door with Diesel.

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