What is a supplement and how is it filed?

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Claims are initially settled based on the photo appraisal’s preliminary estimate. When the vehicle is ready for repairs, the repair shop may need to file a supplement if there is a need for additional repairs that may not have been considered in the estimate. They will explain why the actual costs to repair the vehicle are more than the estimated in the preliminary appraisal. Some reasons a supplement will be filed include:

  • freight charges for a part
  • additional damages found once inspected
  • higher labor costs for a specialized technician  

All supplemental charges are reviewed and confirmed by our licensed appraiser to verify that only the necessary cost of repairs is being covered. Your repair shop will be familiar with this process as they are very common with insurance claims these days. Instructions for filing the supplement are found at the top of the estimate. You or the repair shop can file the supplement directly with the appraisal team assigned to your claim

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