How does the claims process work?

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Renting your RV can be quite lucrative, but there could be a need to file a claim from time to time. We are proud to have a claim rate below 0.1% and an insurance required claim rate of only 0.04%.

We know claims can sometimes take your RV off the road so we work to make sure the claims process moves as quickly as possible.

 How do I file a damage claim?

You will submit Damage on the Return Agreement, please follow the steps here for more information on submitting a claim. 

After Submitting the Damage Claim Gather Info

The claims department will need the following information to move forward with the claim:

  • Renters statement 
  • Evidence 
  • Proof of ownership such as registration and/or title 
  • Most recent 90 day inspection 
  • Vehicle Departure Agreement with pre-trip pictures 
  • Vehicle Return Agreement with post-trip photos  
  • Additional pictures of damages you are filing the claim for


If the claim is larger an insurance adjuster will be assigned. Once the claim in in process, the appraisal may reach out to gather further information in order to complete their estimate of the damage.

Confirming Coverage

The claims adjuster will review all documents to include statement, pictures, estimate, and other information to ensure the damage is covered.


Once your payment is ready, we will notify you via email and you can chose to have the claim sent as a check or deposited directly into your bank account within 24-48 hours. Hate waiting for a check? We make claim settlements a breeze with direct deposits. 

Completing the Claim

We will take care of the renter's security deposit for the deductible and any other parties that may be involved. The owner is free to take the estimate and payment to their shop of choice to start the repairs. 

Claim Follow Up

If the repair shop needs more time or money to complete the work they can request what is called a supplement. The instructions on this process can be found on the front page of the estimate.

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