What if I need to use some or all of the security deductible?

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Ensure that you clearly communicate with your renter so they know exactly why there was damage reported or extra fees added.

Here are some important notes about the security deductible:

  1. Submit the estimated damage amount with photos, description & estimated cost to repair on the Rental Return Agreement for review.
  2. If damage is above the security deductible, Vancation may cover the difference or submit an insurance claim. 
  3. Time is of the essence, the security deductible will automatically release back to the renter if the Rental Return Agreement isn’t submitted within 48 hours. If this happens it will be harder to collect from the Renter on your behalf.
  4. Once the claim is settled, Vancation will release the remaining security deductible back to the renter, if applicable. 

  Did you know?

If you forgot to add damage to the Rental Return Agreement you can edit the agreement in your Owner Dashboard up to 48 hours from the agreed on return time. 

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