How does the renter pick-up and drop-off process work? ⭐

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Make sure you are on time for Renter Pick-up

You will set a default pick-up time (typically 4pm) and default drop-off time (typically 12pm) to agree to on the Rental Agreement. Be sure you stick to whatever is agreed to and stay in close communication on pickup day, especially if you are running late!

  Did you know?

You can request to edit the pickup/dropoff time in the booking details area.


Submit the Departure Agreement Online Before Your Renter Drives Off

  1. When meeting for the camper pick-up make sure to have the Departure Agreement ready to be completed during the RV orientation. You can pull this up on the Message Board of your booking by clicking "Start Departure Agreement" 


  2. Follow the Departure Agreement instructions to perform the RV walkthrough & orientation, answer any questions your renter may have.
  3. Take photos and note any preexisting damage, then submit the agreement.
  4. After you submit the agreement, the Renter will receive a notification to sign as well. They will be given the opportunity to add photos before they sign. It is very important they sign this before driving off.

The RV Return Process on Dropoff Day

  1. Before the rental return date, reach out to the renter the day prior to confirm the drop-off time and location. Make sure to have the Return Agreement ready so the process is quick and easy, you can find this under Booking Details in the message board on the day of the return.
  2. Please note any damages or additional charges so the renter can sign off while they are there. It is very important they are aware an extra charge will be incurred.


  3. While rare, you will report any damage found on the Return Agreement as well. Read more on reporting damage and claims here.mceclip7.png
  4. After you submit this agreement the Renter will receive a copy to sign, rest assured that any damage claim will be processed whether your renter signs this or not.
  5. Be sure to leave a review for your renter! It's extremely important for driving more bookings and how often you leave reviews will boost your search rankings.

 Important Feature for Owners

Did you find RV damage after you submitted the Return Agreement? You can edit the agreement and resend it to the renter within 48 hours of the return date/time.

Get Paid & Prepare for your Next Booking

You'll receive payment either twice a month or within 72 hours of a booking return date, depending on your setting. Be sure to connect a bank account for payout.

Determine your turnover time and be sure to schedule enough time between drop-off and pick-up to prepare your RV for the next rental. You can change this default on your Owner Dashboard easily, open the ‘Pricing & Availability’ screen and select Preparation Time under Default Settings:


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