What is Preparation Time on my calendar and how do I use it?

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Preparation time gives owners the flexibility to adjust time between bookings. It is commonly used to prevent same day turnovers. 

For example, if your renter drops off today and you have a preparation time of 1 day, the system will automatically block tonight on your public listing page.

To adjust your default preparation time across all dates:

  1. Go to your Owner Dashboard's "Pricing and Availability" screen
  2. Select "Preparation Time" on the right sidebar default settingsmceclip0.png
  3. Select the number of nights you want to require as the default for this listingmceclip1.png
  4. Confirm by clicking "Save"

Caution - If enabled, this will block days on your calendar after a booking.

If you want to accept same day turnovers, or don't want to space bookings out, you should leave this set to 0.


 Did you know?

The Vancation calendar allows you to set default Pickup & Dropoff times for each listing on the calendar screen.

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