What is a "Glamper" and how do I get awarded the Glamper badge? ⭐

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What is a Glamper on Vancation?

Vancation developed an algorithm to award high quality listings with a "Glamper" badge. In addition to becoming a preferred Listing on the platform, these Listings will outperform the pack.


Here is what you need to know.

Where does the Glamper badge display on Vancation?

The badge is displayed prominently throughout the site, especially during renter search. It will also display in marketing communications with renters, such as email and features.

Here are a few examples of what the Glamper badge will look like:

  1. On the search results card 

  2. In map view on search

  3. On the campers Listing page


How do I get a Glamper Listing badge?

The glamper badge is different from a "premier host" award, this badge is to identify high quality listings. To get this badge here are a few recommendations:

  • Fully completed listing descriptions & titles
  • Upload more photos and make sure the photos are higher quality
  • Additional Documents or Renter Checkout Questions Added
  • Fully completed amenities (bonus points for completing Essentials & Bonus Features)

In addition to creating a compelling and fully completed listing in your Owner Dashboard there are other factors at play. The Glamper badge also looks at the following:

  • Listing view rate
  • Time on Listing page
  • Renter Inquiry and Booking rate

What are the perks of having a Glamper Listing?

  • Higher listing views from search
  • Higher search rankings
  • Additional trust from Renters (Glampers enjoy 27% more bookings)
  • Eligibility for "Listing Features" in Vancation advertising & marketing campaigns
  • Avoid "glamper" filtering in searchmceclip1.png


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