How do I adjust seasonal pricing or customize the nightly rate for specific dates?

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Different seasons, holidays or even weekends vs midweek can mean widely different demand for your camper. Owners will set default nightly rates, adjust prices for specific days of the week or even apply seasonal price edits to a date range.

You can also offer discounts for weekly or monthly stays.

Here is a quick video to explain how the calendar rate settings work:

To adjust your default nightly rate pricing:

  1. Go to your Owner Dashboard's "Pricing and Availability" screenmceclip1.png
  2. Select "Default Nightly Rate" on the right sidebar default settings, this will create a base rate for all nights. You can customize by night of week if you'd like.mceclip2.png
  3. Write in the base pricing you'd like to use as the default for this listing
  4. Confirm by clicking "Save"

Caution - This will override custom pricing settings!

If you set custom pricing for specific dates, updating the default setting will override the full listing calendar.

How to set a custom nightly rate for a specific date or a range of dates (such as seasonal pricing):

  1. Go to your Owner Dashboard's "Pricing and Availability" screen
  2. Select the dates on the calendar that you want to customize. You select dates by clicking on the first date, then clicking on the last date in the range you want to customize pricing on.mceclip3.png
  3. Select "nightly rate" in the right sidebar and you can add in custom dates based on your selection.mceclip4.png
  4. Confirm by clicking "Ok"


 Did you know?

The Vancation calendar allows you to set a Preparation Time between bookings if you need time to prepare your camper for the next guest.

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